Turn your hiring data into meaningful insights

Greenhouse offers robust recruiting reporting tools tailored to the different needs of everyone in your organization. Improve hiring, make informed decisions and customize reports to get the answers your team needs.
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Track, understand and improve your entire hiring process

  • Find information quickly and easily with the intuitive in-app dashboard

  • Simplify reporting with pre-built reports that answer common questions

  • Get flexible reporting tools to serve the different needs of your stakeholders

  • Build custom multi-metric reports to surface key insights from your hiring data

  • Automate reports to keep your team up to date on the most relevant trends

  • Export Greenhouse data to your business intelligence tools

Here’s how it works

Build custom reports to get exactly the answers you need

Create custom multi-metric reports with our intuitive report builder tool and make powerful insights available to stakeholders across your organization.

  • Make advanced data filtering straightforward and streamlined with intuitive workflows and live report previews
  • Build recruiting reports by candidates, departments, jobs, offices, offers, openings and custom fields
  • Use boolean searches and multilayer filtering right from the app so you always have access to your data
  • Save and schedule custom reports to easily share insights with all stakeholders
  • Make data more accessible to your talent team, hiring managers and executives so they have the insights they need to make informed business decisions
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Greenhosue Recruiting dashboard

See what’s most important to you on your in-app dashboard

Set up the intuitive in-app dashboard so you can stay up to date on your hiring pipeline.

  • Get visibility into your most important tasks all in one place
  • Organize your dashboard with alerts on upcoming tasks, so you always know what’s next
  • Visualize a snapshot of your progress and priority tasks at a glance
Greenhouse Recruiting pre-built reports

Get started quickly with 40+ pre-built reports

Make recruiting reporting simple with pre-built reports that answer common questions and offer quick status checks.

  • Start right away with 40+ pre-built reports tailored to address the questions of different stakeholders across your organization
  • Get instant insights into sourcing strategies, pipeline health, recruiting activities and more
  • Automate the distribution of reports to stakeholders to keep everyone informed
Greenhouse Recruiting BI connector

Connect Greenhouse data to your BI tools

Report connectors integrate Greenhouse data with your favorite business intelligence (BI) tools.

  • Export Greenhouse data to your spreadsheets, dashboard or BI tools
  • BI connector integrates with tools like Tableau, Power BI and Looker to combine your Greenhouse data with other sources like your HRIS
Greenhouse Recruiting demographic reporting

Evaluate the impact of your diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) efforts

Use data to measure the progress of inclusive hiring at your organization and identify areas for improvement from pipeline to candidate experience.

  • Measure the diversity of your hiring funnel and calculate pass-through rates at every stage
  • Understand which hiring channels yield the best ROI for diversity so you know where to invest resources
  • Integrate demographic data with candidate survey results to improve the candidate experience
  • Get the insights you need to drive meaningful change and showcase your commitment to DE&I

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