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Privacy policy:

Whenever you fill out a form on our site, whether you are requesting sales information or applying to a job through Greenhouse, you are providing us with personal data, and this is the policy that governs how and when we can collect, use and disclose that data. This document also explains how our website uses cookies and similar technology to gather data from visitors to the site, and also what we are and aren’t allowed to do with data we collect from Greenhouse customers who communicate with us through our customer support, marketing, and sales teams.

Service level agreement:

The Greenhouse SLA is also incorporated into all Greenhouse subscription agreements with customers. This is where we guarantee that our system will almost always be up, running, and available for customer use, or else you may be entitled to reimbursement.

Privacy shield notice

Master subscription agreement:

If your company has a Greenhouse subscription, the Greenhouse MSA is the main agreement covering your rights, responsibilities, and obligations under the subscription, as well as Greenhouse’s. Its terms are fully incorporated into any Order Form signed by a Greenhouse customer for Greenhouse Services.

CCPA notice for candidates applying to jobs at Greenhouse

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