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Article, Hiring maturity

Greenhouse customer exclusive: Take your hiring to the next level at Open Forum: Hire with Confidence

Your favorite hiring conference has gone virtual. Join us for the third Greenhouse Open Forum session of 2021, Hiring with Confidence. This customer-exclusive event is coming to a screen near you on September 14.

Article, Distributed hiring & work, Talent strategy

How to build custom benefits strategies for remote teams

Wherever you are in the growth and hiring phase, one thing is certain: You want to attract the world’s best talent and need guidance on how to hire global workers the right way. This article will help you offer competitive, culturally aware benefits packages to ensure all your employees feel like they belong in your organization, no matter where they live.


This Women’s Equality Day, let’s shift our focus to equity in the workplace

On this Women’s Equality Day, we're exploring a few ways that you can promote equity for the women in your organization.

Article, Interviewing

A 6-step assessment for hiring top salespeople

For almost every business, the salesperson is an essential piece to the puzzle of success. Hiring top salespeople who can deal with customer objections and close the sale is key. Here's a six-step skill assessment for hiring top salespeople that will help you efficiently and effectively secure great talent.

Article, Employer brand

Three key business automations for improving your employer brand

What goes into building and preserving a strong employer brand? While there’s a variety of approaches you can take in improving the experiences of your candidates and employees, Workato shares three automations that can make a significant and lasting impact.

Article, DE&I, Hiring tech stack

How hiring software can be biased (and what to do about it)

When it comes to hiring software the consequences of AI getting it wrong are not to be taken lightly. Learn about potential hiring biases in AI software, and what you can do about it.

Article, DE&I, Structured hiring

Implementing diversity hiring practices in a remote working world

LifeLabs Learning shares a few steps you can take to make inclusion part of the conversation – and part of your daily practice – at your company.

Article, Candidate sourcing

Access thousands of the best job boards in one place with the Greenhouse Job Ad Market

We're excited to introduce the Greenhouse Job Ad Market – a highly efficient way to attract quality candidates across a vast portfolio of over 1,000 job boards, all within Greenhouse. Learn more here.